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New PDF release: Encyclopedia of General Topology

By Jun-iti Nagata, Klaas Pieter Hart, Jerry E. Vaughan

ISBN-10: 0444503552

ISBN-13: 9780444503558

This ebook is designed for the reader who desires to get a common view of the terminology of normal Topology with minimum effort and time. The reader, whom we imagine to have just a rudimentary wisdom of set conception, algebra and research, should be capable of finding what they wish in the event that they will correctly use the index. even if, this publication includes only a few proofs and the reader who desires to research extra systematically will locate sufficiently many references within the booklet.

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If X is a set, then we use F(X) to denote the set of all filters on X. If Φ : Y → F(X) is a map and F ∈ F(Y ), then Φ(F ) = Φ(y) ∈ F(X) F ∈F y∈F is the sum or contour of Φ over F ; in other words, A ∈ Φ(F ) whenever there exists F ∈ F such that A ∈ Φ(y) for every y ∈ F . A subset ξ of F(X)×X is called a filter convergence (or a convergence structure) on a set X provided that (F , x) ∈ ξ and F ⊂ G imply (G, x) ∈ ξ and (x, ˙ x) ∈ ξ for every x ∈ X, where x˙ stands for the principal filter of {x}. If (F , x) ∈ ξ , then we say that F converges to x (x is a limit of F ) with respect to ξ .

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