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Alison Plowden's Elizabeth Regina PDF

By Alison Plowden

ISBN-10: 0752467395

ISBN-13: 9780752467399

Biography of the lifestyles and reign of Elizabeth I of britain, who governed for forty five years from 1558.

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And the man who seeks glory often behaves unjustly. John of Wales also urges secular princes to follow the advice given by Saint Bernard to Pope Eugenius III: ‘collaterales’ and ministers must be chosen for the honour of the prince and the utility of the ‘res publica’. They must be free of all vice, they must not be enemies of God, they must possess virtues in abundance, be industrious, have honest morals, and, finally, they have to be experts in their art. Such were the ministers of Solomon (I Kings 4).

Bernardi Opera, vol. III, 408–10). This seems to have been the main source of inspiration for many developments on pleaders, as well as the section of Isidore’s Sententiae on ‘De causidicis’ (III, lx, 56, 1–2, 312). See also the passage from Alain de Lille’s Summa de arte praedicatoria, xli, which recommends a series of virtues to ‘oratores’ and ‘advocati’ (MPL 210, col. 187–8). , ‘Anglo-Norman Books of Courtesy and Nurture’, 406, lines 191–202. The shortening and simplification of procedure was a frequent demand of reformers, in England as well as in France: see for instance a section of the tract of Pierre Dubois on the recovery of the Holy Land, which advocates the 26 Frédérique Lachaud The responsibility of the judge extends to the officials of his court, who tend to follow his example and imitate his behaviour.

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Elizabeth Regina by Alison Plowden

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