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Read e-book online Dio's Roman history. / VII, [Books LVI-LX] PDF

By Herbert Baldwin & translated By Ernest Cary Foster

ISBN-10: 0434991759

ISBN-13: 9780434991754

ISBN-10: 0674991931

ISBN-13: 9780674991934

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Since they had to form their lines in a narrow space, in order that the cavalry and infantry together might ; ; run down the enemy, they collided frequently with one another and with the trees. , t6t( yap 'rrjC V« ij^tpat (the signs about T7Ji and re probably by early corrector who wished to delete these words). 1 TtTapTTj 45 a. r. 9 DIO'S ROMAN HISTORY fievois acpicriv eyevero, teal Xdj3po$ teal av€/xo<; fiiyas \oraadai irpoikvai ov9 avTots veros re avOis -rrpoartecrecv oure itoi irayloi^ eTrerpeirev, dXXa teal rr/v xpfjcriv av oirXeov dcpeiXero' yap 4 Tot?

Kal avro/Soel 1 ttuvtcl hiapTrdaovTes, Kal eiao) re tj}? tov irvpbs irepif3oX"]<; eyevovTO, Kal ov irpoTepov elhov avTO, irpbs tou? , trplv iravra )(pOev vtt aurou TreptTore he ev iravrl Kivhvvov eyevovTO, \rjai. }? (f)Xoyb<; KaKovfxevot, Kal {i>jre Kara x (a P av ao~oTepoov dfia aTTwXovTo, rfj p,ev nrpwaKOfxevoi, tjj he Kaio/ievoi.

Shall now relate the events which had taken place in Germany during this The Romans were period. terrible 1 I — holding portions of it not entire regions, but merely such districts as happened to have been subdued, so that no record lias been made of the fact and soldiers of theirs were wintering there and cities were being founded. The barbarians were adapting themselves to Roman ways, were becoming accustomed to hold markets, and were meeting in peaceful assemblages. inns. 1 Vtpfnavia vinces of is I>io's Germany, word Unman province Germany proper.

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Dio's Roman history. / VII, [Books LVI-LX] by Herbert Baldwin & translated By Ernest Cary Foster

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