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Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin's Dio's Roman history 6, [Books LI-LV] PDF

By Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin

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8 ^ Kat ^, , 8,^ - , , . ,, ' , 8, , ayyv- iXiriha ^ 36 , 8 -^ . 57}7] R. " She was greatly distressed because he would neither look at her nor say anything about the kingdom nor even utter a word of love, and falling at his knees, she said Avith an outburst of sobbing: "I neither But this favour wish to live nor can I live, Caesar. I beg of you in memory of your father, that, since Heaven gave me to Antony after him, I may also Would that I had perished then, die with Antony. " Such words she uttered, expecting to move him to pity, but Caesar made no answer to them fearing, however, that she might destroy herself, he exhorted her again to be of good cheer, and not only did not remove any of her attendants but also took special care of her, that she might add brilliance to his triumph.

1, H. 49 VOL. VI. u.. 30 DIO'S ,'€<. '^, ^,^, ', TO Wvo<^ Sta 2 ROMAN HISTOKV T/}9 re yap ^ €tl ^ ' - \ 8 . ', 3 ) ? ,) ^ ^ , '^ . ^ ,' ^. 6 6 7], 6 Tjj pi , ^ ^ ^ , ^ ^ 19 ^ yap ayopa 2 ya, '7avypv , yvXo ^ " 50 5 T(jf> , VM Diiid,, Gin. V. "^ cvepyeoias (and SO just below). evepyeaia ". M, - ; HOOK LI Asia and passed the winter there settlinir the various affairs of the subject nations as well as tliose of tlie Parthians. It seems there liad been dissension among• the Parthians and a certain Tiridates had risen against Pln*aates and liitherto^ as long as Antony's 0})position lasted^ even after the naval battle, Caesar had not only not attached himself to either side, though they sought his alliance, but had not even answered them except to say that he would think the matter over.

A sortie. c. ^ DIGS ROMAN HISTORY ^ , . ) ^^^, , . ^ ' ' 6 , , , ,. ' , ^ ^ * 28 - epy(p yap , - ^ * - 6 (avrhv , eowrV ^''• * , € V. BOOK since, to Li judge by the outcry she made, she exhorted them vigorously to do so. At tlie news concerning Pelusium Antony returned from Paraetonium and went to meet Caesar in front of Alexandria, and attacking him with his cavalry, while the other was wearied from his march, he won the day. Encouraged by this success, and because he had shot arrows into Caesar's camp carrying leaflets which promised the men six thousand sesterces, he joined battle also with his infantry and Avas defeated.

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Dio's Roman history 6, [Books LI-LV] by Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin

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