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Digenes Akrites: New Approaches to Byzantine Heroic Poetry - download pdf or read online

By Roderick Beaton, David Ricks

ISBN-10: 0860783952

ISBN-13: 9780860783954

Known as variously the ’Byzantine epic’, the ’epic of recent Greece’, an ’epic-romance’ and ’romance’, the poem of Digenes Akrites has, when you consider that its rediscovery in the direction of the tip of the 19th century, exerted a tenacious carry at the mind's eye of students from quite a lot of disciplines and from many nations of the realm, in addition to of writers and public figures in Greece. there are numerous purposes for this, now not least between them the status accorded to ’national epics’ within the 19th century and for it slow afterwards. one more reason needs to absolutely be the work’s specialty: there's not anything really like Digenes Akrites in both Byzantine or smooth Greek literature. notwithstanding, this area of expertise isn't really limited to its challenging position within the literary ’canon’ and literary heritage. As ancient testimony, and in its advanced dating to later oral tune and to older delusion and story-telling, Digenes Akrites back has no shut parallels of similar size in Byzantine or glossy Greek tradition. no matter if as a literary textual content, a historic resource, or a manifestation of an oral pop culture, Digenes Akrites is still, greater than a century after its rediscovery, many times enigmatic. This Byzantine ’epic’ or ’romance’ has now turn into the point of interest of recent study throughout a number disciplines because the book in 1985 of a greatly revised version in line with the Escorial textual content of the poem, via Stylianos Alexiou. The papers during this quantity, derived from a convention held in may well 1992 at King’s collage London, seeks to provide and talk about the result of this new examine. Digenes Akrites: New methods to Byzantine Heroic Poetry is the second one within the sequence released through Variorum for the Centre for Hellenic reviews, King’s collage London.

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1 thank Dr Darsh of the Islamic Centre, London, for help with this word. For this information I am grateful to DrM. Halim of London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies; and to Mr H. Isbashir of the Islamic Centre, London. I rely entirely on their information, since I have not been able to trace the word kasi in a written source. For general information, see Encyclopaedia of Islam vol. 4 (van Donzel, Lewis, and Pellat 1978), 320; also al Faruqi and al Faruqi 1986: 148. S. Alexiou 1979: 57-77, 85-6; 1985: xcH-xevi, cxxiii-cxxiv, and passim', 1990: 65-70; Fenik 1989: 141-2; 1991:14,48, 50.

Galatariotou 1987) which sits uncomfortably on the boundary between the two genres. There is no evidence that the story of Digenes ever achieved a ‘definitive’ literary form. :). A consequence of Eustathios’ modest pretensions is that he has left behind clear traces of the sources with which he worked, and even of his frustrations with them, which seem at times to echo owiowjn}^ Dianes Akrites thus takes its place among those ‘transitional’ works which stand at or near the head of so many of the world’s modern literatures, in which a presumed oral substratum achieves literary articulation through uneasy symbiosis with the revived or newly developing romance (the Cid, the Nibelungenlied, the French romans d'antiquiti, Sayftd Battaly the Dani§mendname).

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