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Download e-book for iPad: Designing Sound EXERPT by Andy Farnell

By Andy Farnell

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Whether to use a counter or acculator. mulator is a subtle choice. Although you can change the increment step of the counter by placing a new value on the right inlet of + it will not take effect until the previous value in f has been used. An accumulator on the other hand can be made to jump different intervals immediately by the value sent to it. Note the important difference, an accumulator takes floats as an input while a counter takes bang messages. 1 -1 + f 36 Using Pure Data Rounding An integer function, int , also abbreviated i gives the whole part of a floating point number.

11: Swapping values with a constant. It’s useful when this constant is 1 as shown later for calculating complement 1 − x and inverse 1/x of a number, or where it is 100 for calculating values as a percent. 15 20 Change This is useful if we have a stream of numbers, perhaps from a physical controller like a joystick that is polled at regular inf 0 + 1 tervals, but we only want to know values when they change. 5 nal or when dividing timebases. In Fig. 12 we see a counter change 1 that has been stopped after reaching 3.

Unless you use the a (any) type Pd will complain if you try to pack or unpack a mismatched type. Substitutions A message box can also act as a template. When an item in a message box is written $1 it behaves $3 $1 $2 $1 as an empty slot that assumes the value of the first unpack f f f 5 element of a given list. Each of the dollar arguments 15 5 10 $1, $2 and so on, are replaced by the corresponding item in the input list. 18: Dollar substitusends the new message with any slots filled in. List tion.

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Designing Sound EXERPT by Andy Farnell

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