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Jerzy Kąkol, Wieslaw Kubiś, Manuel López-Pellicer's Descriptive Topology in Selected Topics of Functional PDF

By Jerzy Kąkol, Wieslaw Kubiś, Manuel López-Pellicer

ISBN-10: 1461405289

ISBN-13: 9781461405283

A huge mathematical group during the international actively works in sensible research and makes use of profound suggestions from topology. because the first monograph to strategy the subject of topological vector areas from the viewpoint of descriptive topology, this paintings presents additionally new insights into the connections among the topological houses of linear functionality areas and their function in useful research.

Descriptive Topology in chosen issues of sensible Analysis is a self-contained quantity that applies fresh advancements and classical leads to descriptive topology to review the periods of infinite-dimensional topological vector areas that seem in useful research. Such areas contain Fréchet areas, LF-spaces and their duals, and the gap of constant real-valued capabilities C(X) on a totally average Hausdorff house X, to call a number of. those vector areas look in distribution concept, differential equations, advanced research, and diverse different components of useful analysis.

Written through 3 specialists within the box, this publication is a treasure trove for researchers and graduate scholars learning the interaction one of the parts of point-set and descriptive topology, smooth research, set conception, topological vector areas and Banach areas, and non-stop functionality areas. furthermore, it is going to function a reference for current and destiny paintings performed during this quarter and will function a useful complement to complex graduate classes in sensible research, set-theoretic topology, or the idea of functionality spaces.

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We know already that M misses L. Now M + span{v} also misses L, which contradicts maximality of M, proving the claim. Finally, we prove that G := M is dense in F . Since G is a hyperplane, it is enough to show that G is not closed. Now tz ∈ / M for each t = 0. Since 2z ∈ A, there exists a net (zu )u = ( γ ∈Ju bu,γ yγ )u in A that converges to 2z, where Ju is finite and γ ∈Ju |bu,γ | ≤ 1. The corresponding net ( γ ∈Ju bu,γ aγ z)u has an adherent point pz in the compact interval {bz : |b| ≤ 1}. Let U and V be neighborhoods of 2z and pz, respectively.

1 There is a strongly realcompact space that is not locally compact. The space RN is realcompact and not strongly realcompact. Proof Let P be a countable and nonempty subset of N∗ . Note that the subspace X := N ∪ P of βN is a Lindelöf space. Hence it is a realcompact space. On the other hand, since every countable and closed subset of βN is finite (see [411, p. 71]) one gets that the space X ∗ = N∗ \ P is countably compact. 9 is applied to deduce that X is strongly realcompact. Note that X is not locally compact.

Then f := g −1 ∈ C(X). Hence f is unbounded on each Fnk since xnk ∈ F \ υf (X). F ∈Fnk This proves one direction of the claim (iii). To prove the converse, assume that (xn )n is a sequence in βX \ X. Then, for each n ∈ N there exists a filter Fn on X that converges to xn in the space βX. But xn ∈ F , xn ∈ / X = υX. F ∈Fn This shows that each Fn is unbounded on X. By the assumption, there exists a subsequence (Fnk )k of (F )n and f ∈ C(X) that is unbounded on each Fnk . Set g(x) := (1 + |f (x)|)−1 for each x ∈ X.

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Descriptive Topology in Selected Topics of Functional Analysis by Jerzy Kąkol, Wieslaw Kubiś, Manuel López-Pellicer

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