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Download e-book for kindle: dBase III and III Plus: A Troubleshooting Guide by Elizabeth Lynch

By Elizabeth Lynch

ISBN-10: 0333417631

ISBN-13: 9780333417638

ISBN-10: 1349087521

ISBN-13: 9781349087525

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The last example could be written USE mailing INDEX ON town TO bytown SEEK 'LONDON' LIST WHILE town = 'LONDON' This too will produce the correct 30 records- and it will look at only 30 records in the process. Since all records containing 'LONDON' in the 'town' field are grouped together in the index, you can be sure that as soon as the WHILE condition becomes false (for example when it meets a record containing 'MANCHESTER' in the 'town' field), all records satisfying the condition have been accessed by dBASE.

If none of the last suggestions works, you have no alternative but to reboot the system and re-enter dBASE. You should be aware that ifthis happens, you may have lost data/failed to update the indexes in use at the time. 1 for help on dealing with such problems. 8 Setting up an Infinite Number of Variables How would you write a system asking the user to enter data into variables when you have no idea how many variables will be required? For example, you may want to allow the user to enter projected sales figures for month one and subsequent months until he chooses to stop.

However, unless you then change the command file to set up the memory variable, the same error will occur next time you run the file. It can also be useful to use SUSPEND within the command file itself. If the command file doesn't fail, but carries out the wrong instructions, producing the wrong results, you can embed SUSPEND commands at strategic points in the program to enable you to check the system status, view the HISTORY commands etc. 3 SET DOHISTORY ON (dBASE III PLUS only) dBASE automatically records any commands you issue from the dot prompt or the ASSISTANT in the HISTORY file, to be viewed or edited as necessary.

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