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Read e-book online Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises III PDF

By G. Mauger

Booklet by means of Mauger, G.

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The main misunderstandings have been at least partly clarified and in particular the editors of the volume have become aware of the reasons behind those misunderstandings. Finally, we have managed to edit our common volume. The added value of our cooperation seems to be our more realistic approach to intercultural communication and conscious reflection on our own and other cultures. What facilitated our challenging task was our knowledge and skills in using written and oral English, admittedly not always error-free, our academic expertise in writing and editing academic papers, a collaborative and longitudinal character of our project, and negotiating the content and form of our volume throughout the whole process of writing and editing it.

But you cannot say to them ‘Okay, I want you to be evaluative’. The best you can do is provide activities in the classroom where they will need to evaluate one another’s replies—where they will need to say ‘Yeah’, ‘Right’, ‘Good’ and so on. This will only happen if you provide them with opportunities to use language to exchange real meanings. The same applies to discourse markers. You can’t teach discourse markers by asking learners to listen to and repeat words and phrases like ‘Well’, ‘Okay’, and ‘A funny thing happened to me’.

More individualistic, according to Hofstede’s (1991) cultural dimensions model, American and Canadian cultures put stress on individual responsibility, competitiveness and individual interests, whereas more collectivistic Polish and Ukrainian cultures value more group interests, cooperativeness and group support. In such cultures, reporting on another student who cheats is socially unacceptable. Additionally in Poland, having a relatively low power distance index in comparison with Ukraine, students feel solidarity with one another and they do not comply with the authority of the teacher who forbids cheating.

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Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises III by G. Mauger

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