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Classical Constructions: Papers in Memory of Don Fowler, - download pdf or read online

By S. J. Heyworth

ISBN-10: 019921803X

ISBN-13: 9780199218035

Classical buildings is a suite of ground-breaking and scholarly papers on Latin literature by means of a few distinctive Classicists, produced in reminiscence of Don Fowler, who died in 1999 on the age of forty six. The authors have been all encouraged by way of the will to commemorate a loved colleague and good friend and feature produced papers of serious freshness and perception. The essays, together with that via Don Fowler himself, are a lot thinking about the reception of the classical international, extending into the geographical regions of recent philosophy, artwork heritage, and cultural experiences. There are basic experiences of Horace's sort and Ovid's exile. the quantity is uncommon within the informality of the fashion of a few items, and the openness with which the individuals have reminisced in regards to the honorand and mirrored on his early dying.

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Throughout this piece I have been careful to court the charge of confusing Roman reality and modern interpretation of it, because I do not think that the distinction holds. A naive historicist will believe that the propositions she formulates about antiquity are independent not only of her more general propositional beliefs but also of the mass of nonpropositional / non-cognitive feelings and attitudes she possesses as a historically situated individual. There will not be many of those about nowadays.

This, I suspect, is an acknowledgement that the Epicurean ironist can make without feeling either that it makes our literary criticism pointless or—I would add—our lives incomplete. 3 Bicycles, Centaurs, and Man-faced Ox-creatures: Ontological Instability in Lucretius Gordon Campbell There is little doubt that the most important event in recent human evolution was the invention of the bicycle. Steve Jones, The Language of the Genes 1 The publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859 led to considerable psychological insecurity for many people over the place of humanity in the ‘scale’ of nature, and over our relationship to other creatures and to God.

On a related theme, Coleman (1990) oVers a fascinating account of Roman executions staged as mythological enactments. Life as Play, Life as a Play 23 the image itself. To be sure, one might expect the image of life as a play to occur in a variety of literary texts, in any case, if only because it seems a rather immediate and not overly subtle way of advertising the power of literary texts to capture what is essential about life, all the while endowing themselves with an aura of reality. If life is like a play, then plays are like life, after all.

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Classical Constructions: Papers in Memory of Don Fowler, Classicist and Epicurean by S. J. Heyworth

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