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Central Africa in the Caribbean: Transcending Time, by Maureen Warner-Lewis PDF

By Maureen Warner-Lewis

ISBN-10: 9766401187

ISBN-13: 9789766401184

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A similar assessment of their "superior docility" rendered them "good domestic slaves and artificers" (Adams 1966, 163). This accommodating disposition is ascribed by one analyst to the effect of Christianization on Koongo from the fifteenth century (Montilus 1993, 161). They were also found to be adept at Creole language acquisition (Geggus 199la, 37). On the other hand, they were considered prone to marronage, just as by the eighteenth century, Angola and Loango slaves at St Eustatius were not particularly favoured by planters because they "were prone to run away into the forest".

Sao Tome was one of four islands in that vicinity which had been appropriated by the Portuguese in the 1470s, and settled by Portuguese colonists, along with slaves brought from Koongo to work newly established sugarcane plantations. By the 1510s, Sao Tome merchants began to use the island as a transhipment port for slaves acquired on the mainland, particularly in Koongo and Angola, and then sent to Iberia and the Americas (Harms 1981, 24). This supply route to the West Atlantic was maintained throughout the history of the transatlantic trade, with the island also serving as a landing site for slaves rescued by nineteenth-century European naval patrols (Fegley 1989, 3, 9).

Mb MKo My N n. NE neg. pers. pi. Po pr. Bembe Cuban Koongo dialect emphatic English feminine footnote French French Creole genitive Guadeloupe Koongo Guyana Koongo imperative indefinite Jamaican Creole Jamaica Koongo Koongo masculine Mbundu Martinique Koongo Mayombe northern Koongo noun north-eastern Koongo negator person plural Portuguese pronoun xxxiii Abbreviations Pr2 Pr3 S SB sg. Sp subj. TE TKo Urn Vi W Y xxxiv second-person pronoun third-person pronoun Southern southern Bembe singular Spanish subject Trinidad English Trinidad Koongo Umbundu Vili Western Koongo Yoruba Svni>@tf < > ~ + [] // ~ n g 8 0 derived from becomes/became variant of, alternating with followed by phonetic pronunciation phonemic representation nasalized vowel ny, as in "near:" ng, as in "sm^" mid front vowel, as in "set" as in "0r" XXXV Vrtk9tr*,ikic &M( Tyl®tr&ikic *3*r&ctic€ In this text, Central African words, whether confirmed or putative, are in bold type, though they may not be so rendered in quotations which did not demarcate these words by special type.

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