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Download e-book for kindle: Caracas: Origen y trayectoria de una ciudad by J. A. de Armas Chitty

By J. A. de Armas Chitty

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The tradition mentions that their ancestors possessed Toki, or adzes, which were not bound to the handle, as were their stone adzes. The handle slotted into the eye of the adze, locking them together. New Zealanders could not imagine this, believing it to be impossible. But when last century Captain Cook gave them some iron hatchets, they were astonished to see actual confirmation of their ancestors' description. 14. Cantu, tome I. book 2. ch. 3. and book 3. ch. I — Might not the word Ariki (tribal chiefs and priests) of the Polynesians be a corruption of Ad, which signifies valiant?

Not forced by necessity to toil, they became lazy and indolent. Both in America and Oceania there were tribes ruled feudally by kings. Others, as a confederation, or independent tribes, were ruled by an hereditary nobility. Most tribes were composed of different classes or castes, as in India. All land was common and generally belonged to the whole tribe which handed it on intact to its descendants, except for parts of America where they were owned by kings, chiefs and elders. They pierced their ear lobes, inserting discs or ornaments of wood, jade and shell.

D. '" Vassal chiefs rebelled against it, encouraged by the Brahmins who were keen to take over civil and religious rule of the country. The Kingdom of Akim, governed by a vassal chief, like many others, declared itself independent. D. other Indian migrants, who were Buddhist, arrived, seeking to conquer Brahminism and the Malay religions, but with little success. Finally in the thirteenth century Mohammedan migrants from Arabia penetrated the Archipelago and gained ascendancy, converting the inhabitants to Islam.

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Caracas: Origen y trayectoria de una ciudad by J. A. de Armas Chitty

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