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Download e-book for kindle: Build The New Instant Boats by Harold Payson

By Harold Payson

Simply equipped boats for amateurs. comprises 3 stitch-and-glue designs-a procedure that permits the plywood seams to be "taped" including fiberglass and resin rather than steel fastenings-and 3 traditional designs outfitted with no jig.

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So I gave it a whirl. Now this might be stretching the application of my theory a little too far, but I had an interesting The right way (left) and the wrong way of mating a cupped board or plank to another piece. Unless it's sawed from the tree with cuts perpendicular to the annual rings, a board is liable fO cup, the direction of the cup opposing the run of the annual rings. This cup can be removed temporarily as described in the accompanying text, but it will reappear eventual/y, though to a lesser degree if it is fastened while straight.

Too much the importance of measuring and checking, and then remeasuring and rechecking, before your saw starts biting into wood-wood you've paid for once and presumably don't want to pay for again. Avoid, for example, the embarrassment and waste of finding out, after you have nailed the transom to the bottom panel and have all your frame molds in place, that you have cut the bottom a few inches too short. Even a fraction of an inch can spoil YOUf day. Just such mistakes do happen, and at one time or another they happen to the best of us.

You might not want to sacrifice a set and might prefer the drafting paper approach. Though the process of building the model and building Gypsy full size are much the same in terms of cutting out the pieces and assembling them, the model does depart from the plans as far as the interior is concerned. Begin by cutting out a backbone profile that includes the entire hull, tracing around her sheer, stem, bottom, and transom. Obviously, this centerline template doesn't exist in the boat itself. In the model, however, it selVes as the structural member to which you fasten all the other components, so it should be substantialeither a strong I/l6"inch thickness of wood or very stiff cardboard.

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Build The New Instant Boats by Harold Payson

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