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Download PDF by Stephen V. Tracy: Athens and Macedon: Attic Letter-Cutters of 300 to 229 B.C.

By Stephen V. Tracy

ISBN-10: 0520233336

ISBN-13: 9780520233331

ISBN-10: 1417525789

ISBN-13: 9781417525782

Little of the historiography of third-century Athens survives, and lots more and plenty of what we know--or may well know--about the interval has come right down to us in inscriptions carved through Attic stonemasons of the time. during this ebook Stephen Tracy, the world's preeminent specialist during this quarter, presents new perception into an unsettled and vague second in antiquity.

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114 5992 ϭ Ag. XV no. 81 6064 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 216 6096 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 188 6259 ϭ Ag. XV no. 80 6416 6533 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 184 6551 ϭ Ag. XV no. 75 6560 6664 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 187 6696 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 186 6704 6731 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 189 6801 6844 ϭ Ag. XVI no. 163 7043 ϭ Ag. XV no. 89 7070 ϭ Ag. XVI no. C. 38 I 3238 Cutter, 88 Piraeus Museum Inv. No. 6657 SEG II no. 9 Cutter, 121, 127 ArchDelt 18A 103 –105 ArchDelt 18A 109 –110 SEG II no. 17 SEG II no. 8 SEG II no. 9 Cutter, 121, 125 SEG II no. 10 37 Addenda to the Cutter of IG II 2 1262 Dates: ca.

9 This wording surely suggests that the Athenians put the best face on a bad situation by electing the man chosen by the king. The general over the coastal region was one of the most important military offices of the state, and for the king to select him marks an extraordinary breach of the constitution. Athenian generals were traditionally elected by a show of hands in the assembly. Presumably, whether the people had ratified it or not, Apollodoros would have received his appointment as general.

12 This was unconstitutional and is strong prima facie evidence of a regime that flouted or disrupted democratic practices. 13 There may have been other such periods. c. Macedonian involvement ensures that a politician will be classified by later writers as oligarchic or anti-democratic. 19 12. Aristotle Ath. Pol. 2. More than two centuries would pass before it happened again, when Medeios served from 91/0 to 89/8 (IG II 2 1713 lines 9 –11). Moreover, this was not, it appears, the only time this Demetrios had imposed an important official on the Athenians.

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