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Download e-book for kindle: Athenian Politics c800-500 BC: A Sourcebook (Studies in by G. R. Stanton

By G. R. Stanton

ISBN-10: 0203406656

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A severe method of the resources of data on historic Athenian politics offering modern assets, later historic and biographical writings, archaeological facts, inscriptions on stone, and papyri from Egypt.

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Hence one-sixth seems to have been the rent which Hektemoroi paid for working land in the hands of the rich. 4, has suggested that the landlord’s share of the produce may have varied between one-sixth and five-sixths. But there is no direct evidence for this. von Fritz, AJP 61 (1940) 54–61 and 64 (1943) 24–43=Schriften zur griechischen und römischen Verfassungsgeschichte und Verfassungstheorie (Berlin 1976) 110–34. 4 In this poem he argues the case of each side in turn against the other and goes on to exhort them to join in putting an end to the quarrel that had arisen.

1 [17] above. Miller, Arethusa 4 [1971] 25–47, especially 45–6) in fragment a of Meiggs and Lewis no. ] 5 ------ McGregor argues that Kypselos, the father of the elder Miltiades (for the family relationships see note 2 on [98]), is the only known Athenian of this name and that he died by 585 BC. He takes the name Philombrotos in line 4 to be certain and restores [Solon] in line 5. 2 [47]. 7 This Delphic Oracle is no. Hendess (Halle 1877), no. Fontenrose, The Delphic Oracle: Its Responses and Operations (Berkeley 1978).

But the trade may merely have been sufficient to finance his travel in a world without coinage (let alone credit cards): see note 2 on [47]. 6 in [50]). 6 [102C]). There is even a fragment of papyrus of the third century AD recording an unknown author who wrote: [is sai]d to have [l]eft Attike [after binding] the Atheni[a]ns [with] a sol[emn oath to retain the] l[aws] enacted [b]y him [until he] returned [to th]em, and [taken up residence] in th[is] Soloi. [But so]me [others say it wa]s [Sol]oi in Cyp[rus]….

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