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Download PDF by John Thorley: Athenian Democracy (Lancaster Pamphlets) (2004)

By John Thorley

ISBN-10: 0203017390

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The 5th century BC witnessed not just the emergence of 1 of the 1st democracies, but additionally the Persian and the Peloponnesian Wars. John Thorley presents a concise research of the advance and operation of Athenian democracy in contrast backdrop. bearing in mind either fundamental resource fabric and the paintings of recent historians, Athenian Democracy examines:* the prelude to democracy* how the democractic procedure emerged* how the program labored in perform* the potency of the program of presidency* the good fortune of Athenian democracy.Including an invaluable chronology and blibliography, this moment version has been up-to-date take into consideration contemporary learn.

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Presumably he controlled the Council of 400 in a similar way, though in fact we hear nothing of it under Peisistratos. Nevertheless, he was always anxious to preserve the constitutional niceties of Solon’s reforms; they served his PRELUDE TO DEMOCRACY purposes well, and there was no need to change them. The only reform we hear of that in any way added to Solon’s was his introduction of ‘deme-judges’ to try cases of local disputes, which doubtless replaced the informal legal authority of the local noble family.

Under Kleisthenes’ reforms each year 6,000 citizens aged 30 or T H E D E M O C R AT I C S Y S T E M : K L E I S T H E N E S ’ R E F O R M S over were chosen and registered as a pool of jurors. ) The 6,000 were chosen by lot from those willing to stand, 600 being selected from each of the new tribes. One might have guessed that most of those who put themselves forward were from the city, but such evidence as we have seems to indicate that many were in fact from the coast and inland areas. They were on the whole middle-aged or elderly, since few in the 30–50 age range would have the time to sit regularly in the courts, and the majority (at least after the introduction of pay for dikasts around 451/0) seem to have been from the poorer end of the social spectrum.

If the vote was close any member of the Assembly could demand a recount. Four stone ‘trittys markers’ have been discovered on or near the Pnyx, and it could be that these marked the places where members of each trittys sat in meetings of the Assembly; but some literary sources imply that people sat where they wished, so the matter remains unresolved. Decisions of the Assembly were recorded and published, the more important ones carved on stone, and several have survived, though mostly in fragments.

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Athenian Democracy (Lancaster Pamphlets) (2004) by John Thorley

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