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Get Assault Climbers Handbook (mountaineering) PDF

By US Marine Corps

As in any army operation requiring designated abilities, resembling hiking, a few targeted apparatus and coaching specific to the venture needs to be lined. The Marine Corps has followed this education for this very cause. This education permits Marines at the tying of knots, rope structures, mountaineering / descending vertical and close to vertical landscapes - all whereas in a strive against surroundings.

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The litter teams must be given realistic goals to work towards. h. Gear. Ensure all of the patient’s gear is kept with him throughout the evacuation. TRANSITION: Now that we have covered the considerations, are there any questions? The basic carries that are taught in the EST manual (fireman’s carry, two-hand, four-hand, and the poncho litters) are still viable of transporting an injured man; however, we need to know a few more that can aid us during a medevac. 2. (10 Min) EXPEDIENT LITTERS. There are five types of expedient litters that we will talk about.

WATER TAPE KNOT 4 )Double Sheet Bend. Used to tie the ends of two or more ropes of equal or unequal diameter together. SHEET BEND b. Class II - Anchor Knots 1 )Bowline. Used to tie a fixed loop in the end of a rope. This knot is always tied with the pigtail on the inside and secured with an overhand knot. BOWLINE 2 )Round Turn with Two Half Hitches or a Bowline. A loop which runs around an object in such a manner as to provide 360 degree contact and may be used to distribute the load over a small diameter anchor.

Once a new rope has been serialized, the rope log for that rope should be started up. At a minimum, it should contain the following information: 1 )The rope serial number. 2 )Manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, ropes of the same type and diameter may vary in tensile strength, stretch factor, and durability. 3 )Date of manufacture. Five years from this shelf life date, ropes are considered to have reached their normal expiration date, and should be destroyed. 4 )Date in service. This is to be recorded for tracking purposes to establish how long a rope is in service.

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Assault Climbers Handbook (mountaineering) by US Marine Corps

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