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New PDF release: Aspergillus

By Robert A. Samson (auth.), J. E. Smith (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461360226

ISBN-13: 9781461360223

ISBN-10: 1461524113

ISBN-13: 9781461524113

The genus Aspergillus has a global distribution and is likely one of the commonest of all teams of fungi. they're very likely the best contami­ nants of typical and man-made natural items, and some species may cause infections in guy and animals. The aspergilli also are some of the most vital mycotoxin-producing teams of fungi whilst starting to be as contaminants of cereals, oil seeds, and different meals. now not all aspergilli are considered as tricky contaminants, in spite of the fact that, as a number of species have had their metabolic functions harnessed for advertisement use. The aspergilli have lengthy been linked within the some distance East with the koji degree of numerous nutrition fermentations, relatively soy sauce and miso, and in this case as a resource of worthwhile enzymes. the power of those fungi to supply a number of natural acids, particularly citric acid, has created significant commercial complexes all over the world. conventional equipment of pressure strengthen­ ment were widely studied with the economic traces, whereas extra lately, recombinant DNA know-how has been utilized to the aspergilli with emphasis on heterologous protein construction. In compiling this ebook, i've been lucky to have the total enthu­ siastic involvement of the authors, and to them I expand my very thankful thank you for usually being on time and for generating such readable and authoritative chapters. jointly, we are hoping that our efforts will improve the medical figuring out of this exciting workforce of filamentous fungi and extra their use within the box of biotechnology.

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Christensen campestris M. Christensen dimorphicus Mehrotra & Prasad elegans Gasperini insulicola Montemayor & Santiago lanosus Kamal & Bhargava melleus Yukawa ochraceoroseus Bartoli & Maggi ochraceus Wilhelm ostianus Wehmer petrakii Voros robustus M. Christensen & Raper sclerotiorum Huber sepultus Tuthill & M. ) Thorn & Church TELEOMORPHIC SPECIES Petromyces albertensis Tewari (anamorph: A. albertensis Tewari) Petromyces alliaceus Malloch & Cain (anamorph: A. 5. Section Candidi Gams et al. (= A.

Pitt, J. , and Samson, R. , 1990b, Taxonomy of Aspergillus Section Restricta, in: Modern Concepts in Penicillium and Aspergillus Classification (R. A. Samson and J. 1. ), Plenum Press, New York and London, pp. 249-257. Pitt, J. , and Samson, R. , 1993, Draft list of species names in current use (NCU) in the family Trichocomaceae (Fungi, Eurotiales), Regnum Veg. 128:13-57. Pitt,J. , Hocking, A. , and Glenn, D. , 1983, An improved medium for the detection of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus, j.

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