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Download PDF by : Antineutrino Detection for Monitoring Nuclear Explosions

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Neutron-like signals from activated oxygen nuclei (> 5 MeV) Total neutron-like background Positron-like backgrounds Internal U/TH 10-16 / ) Cone. 5 m water buffer Th)/PMT surrounding the fiducial From 1 m of rock volume) (1 ppm Th) Total positron-like background (> 2 MeV) Events/day <150,000 <1300 c 150,000 6000 6000 12000 13000 “ 3ZOO0 Summary of Background Rates Table 8 shows the estimated background rates from all uncorrelated positron and neutronlike backgrounds, at the indicated depth and concentrations of contaminants.

Raghavan, S. Schoene@ S. Enomoto, J. Shirai, F. Suekane, A. Suzuki, “Measuring the Global Radioactivity in the Earth by Muhidetector Antineutrino Spectroscopy;’ Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 80, Number 3, p. 635, (1998). 18C. Rothschild, M. Chen, F. gov/abs/nucl-ex/9710001, Submitted to Geophysical Research Letters, 15 Oct. 1997. r. Underground. 19M. , “Neutron Flux Generated by Cosrn&Ray Depth Intensity Curve;’ R Nuovo Cimento, Vol. 12 C. N. 4, July-August 1989, p. 467. H. Chen, ‘The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory:’ Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A264, p.

R e 80 s o I u 60 t i o 40 n to 40 60 . 40 Number of struck PMTs Figure 7: The estimated position resolution extrapolated from SuperKamiokande measurements. 29 .. . , .... .... . ,,,-.. > .... . — .. Using the above capture time and position resolution estimates, a set of cuts can be defined for the coincident antineutrino signal with variables analogous to those in equation 7. The choice of the reconstructed distance is set by the expected position reconstruction resolution of about 1 m in each dimension.

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Antineutrino Detection for Monitoring Nuclear Explosions

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