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Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM - download pdf or read online

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The TPSC has approached its campaigns with a certain rock’n’roll playfulness, from Guerrilla Gardening campaigns, in which members plant flowers on roadsides and patches of dirt, to the Toronto De-fence project, in which the TPSC will provide free labour to remove chain-link fences from private property at the owner’s request. At the core of their work has been an apparent paradox: rigid opposition to the growing use of public spaces and sightlines for commercial advertising, such as transit posters, billboards and garbage cans featuring corporate messages on the side; and an equally steadfast defence of small-scale postering on utility poles of the sort used to promote local bands and lawn sales or to plead for help in finding a missing pet.

New glass condos rub up against arterial highways and old warehouses; low-rise subdivisions and office blocks make way for advancing armies of electrical pylons; Victorian houses border drive-in doughnut shops and gas stations, lonely schoolyards, ravines, strip malls and industrial zones. It is a city in which you walk in quiet solitude, pulled into its folds and crevices, whimsically cutting your own path. Paris is so seamlessly put together, so uniform in its edifices and furnishings, you feel you could drive in a wedge where the city comes up against the highway that encircles it and pop it out in one piece – like a jewel that has been superficially encrusted in the earth’s surface.

We wanted to see something happening in Toronto,’ says Bunce. ’ On September 11, 1999, he and his then bandmate Alex Durlak14 called a ‘heads of state meeting’ at the Green Room, a pleasantly shabby back-alley coffee house and bar in the Annex. There, Bunce, Durlack and various friends from bands around Toronto – Duncan MacDon-nell of Folk Festival Massacre, Greg Chambers of Mean Red Spiders, Derek Westerholm of Parts Unknown and Paul Boddum of Neck, among others – discussed their frustration with the Toronto scene and came up with a three-pronged plan to address it: they’d start a music zine, a website and a weekly concert series to give themselves and the bands they liked a platform.

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Antenna-Radio Propagation Part 4 - Canadian MIL TM

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