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By RABIN (Chaim)

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We have seen the Vandals and the Astingi as the allies of the empire, used as a tool to attack other barbarian groups; as enemies who were themselves the victims of aggressive imperial diplomacy and as a manpower reserve which could supply auxiliary troops for the Roman army. From the Danube to Africa 33 Diplomatic relations of this kind had a catalytic effect upon the social and political development of communities on the frontiers. 24 Here, prolonged contact with the Roman empire saw the Tervingi and Greuthungi – two hitherto obscure warbands – emerge as major political players north of the frontier.

32 These changes went largely unobserved by contemporaries more focused on the unfolding drama in the cockpit of northern Italy, but groups of Vandals and their allies were increasingly prominent on the Rhine frontier. Two From the Danube to Africa 35 independent sources describe a major conflict in the Rhineland, probably between Frankish federates and a Vandal army. 33 Orosius’ History of c. 34 The impact of this disaster for the empire was compounded by the dispersal of Radagaisus’ followers following the defeat at Fiesole in 406.

In late 408, Constantine sent his son Constans to Spain to shore up support in the peninsula, where a number of prominent local aristocrats and units of the imperial army remained loyal to the Theodosian house. Constans’ troops, under the command of Gerontius, were victorious over the loyalists in two battles, one in the north of the peninsula, the other probably near Mérida in Lusitania. The rebel prince established his position in Caesaraugusta, and his father turned his attentions to Italy. The invaders of 406 were little more than interested spectators to all of this frantic activity.

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