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Download PDF by D. A. Russell, M. Winterbottom: Ancient Literary Criticism: The Principal Texts in New

By D. A. Russell, M. Winterbottom

ISBN-10: 0198143605

ISBN-13: 9780198143604

Historical literary feedback has continuously been a very inaccessible topic for the non-specialist scholar. This version offers for the 1st time the valuable texts in translation, giving the reader an entire view of old literary feedback and its improvement. as well as famous texts similar to Aristotle's Poetics, Horace's paintings of Poetry, and Longinus's On Sublimity, the ebook comprises whole models of Aristotle's Rhetoric publication III, Demetrius's On type, and Tacitus's discussion on Orators. it truly is shorter passages variety from Homer to Hermogenes of Tarsus, as well as choices from Plato, Dionysius of Halicarnassus, Cicero, the 2 Senecas, and Quintilian.

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208 ff. '! 'Splendid, Ion! ' 'Well, Socrates, my embellishments of Homer really are worth hearing. ' 'I shall make leisure to hear you yet; but for the moment just tell me one thing. ' 'And what about things where they don't say the same? ' 'Why then are you good at Homer but not at Hesiod or any other poet? Is it that Homer talks about different things from all other poets? Does he not for the most part talk of war, dealings of men-good and bad, laymen and craftsmen-with one another, the dealings of gods with one another and with men, the phenomena of the heavens, Hades, the genealogies of gods and heroes?

To Pluto) They're both my friends. I won't decide between them, I'll not become embroiled myself with either; One I consider clever-and one delights me. Z PLU. What? Will you leave undone all that you came for? DIO. Suppose I do judge? PLU. Off you'll go with one of them, the one you pick, and won't have come here to no purpose. DIO. Thanks, and god bless you. (To Aeschylus and Euripides) Look, now, I'd have you know I came down here in search of a poet. EUR. And why? DIO. That Athens, saved by him, might keep her choirs.

Spare him such a personal question. AES. Now please to reflect what the breed of my day proved like, when I handed them over; they were noble, upstanding, of four cubits' height, not malingering skrimshankerburghers, not your idlers or tricksters, the type of today, nor the rogues whose kind stick at nothing; for the spear and the lance were the breath of their lives and the whiteness of plumes coruscating and the casque and the greave and a heart fear-proofed sevenfold, as a buckler of oxhide!

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Ancient Literary Criticism: The Principal Texts in New Translations by D. A. Russell, M. Winterbottom

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