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Ancient Greece and Rome : An Encyclopedia for Students - download pdf or read online

By Carroll Moulton

ISBN-10: 0684805073

ISBN-13: 9780684805078

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For threshing*, the Romans used a tribulum—a. weighted board, which was invented by the Greeks, that was fitted with sharp stones or metal rollers on the underside. They dragged the device across the grain on the threshing floor, and it easily separated the grain from the stalks and husks. 19 ALARIC " graft to insert a shoot or bud from one kind of tree into a slit in a closely related tree so that it will grow there ALARIC ALCIBIADES ca. C. ATHENIAN POLITICIAN AND MILITARY LEADER * city-state independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory 20 In maintaining their orchards, the Romans improved the existing techniques for grafting* and devised some new ones.

These commercial and social activities were an essential part of everyday life in ancient Greece. * gallery a roofed promenade, or place for strolling AGRICULTURE, GREEK ( archaeology study of past human cultures, usually by excavating ruins 14 BUILDINGS AND LAYOUT. In earliest times, the agora was simply an open space within a city. However, over the years the Greeks erected buildings, arranged in a complicated layout, in these public places. Some agoras covered one or more city blocks near the heart of the city.

He admired the plays of EURIPIDES and the works of the poet HOMER, especially the Iliad. He revered—and hoped to follow in the footsteps of—the legendary Greek heroes of the past. A spirited and courageous youth, Alexander proved his skill as a horseman at age 12 by taming a very difficult stallion named Bucephalus. He also learned military strategy from his father. At age 16, while governing in his father's absence, he led a successful attack against rebellious tribes in Illyria, a region west of Macedonia.

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