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Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen's Ancient Fishing and Fish Processing in the Black Sea Region PDF

By Tonnes Bekker-Nielsen

ISBN-10: 8779340962

ISBN-13: 9788779340961

This quantity demanding situations the orthodox view that fishing and fish performed just a marginal position within the economic climate of the traditional global. actually, there's archaeological proof for old fish processing on a advertisement scale not just within the Mediterranean itself, but additionally at the Atlantic coast and within the Black Sea quarter, particularly the Crimea. Our literary resources testify to the frequent culinary and medicinal use of salted fish and fermented fish sauces in antiquity, and particularly within the first centuries advert. during this ebook, the authors investigate the current country of analysis on historic fishing and talk about its implications for the heritage of the Black Sea zone, in particular the interval of Greek colonisation alongside its beaches. whereas grain has commonly been seen because the major export commodity of the Pontic colonies, the lifestyles of salting-vats at the coast of the Crimea point out construction of salt-fish or fish sauce on a wide scale, most likely for export. although, many questions stay unanswered: for example referring to possession and organization of the processing amenities, or how the completed product was once transported to far-off markets. [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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25; Manilios Astron. 103. 70 Curtis 1991, 170-175. The Archaeological Evidence for Fish Processing in the Western Mediterranean Athena Trakadas 1. Introduction The evidence for fish processing in the western Mediterranean in antiquity is found in diverse literary and archaeological sources. Although the textual evidence for the industry in this region is more extensive than in any other, it is the archaeological evidence comprised of transport amphorae, coins, artefacts such as fishhooks or faunal remains, and the actual fish-processing sites themselves that offer a relatively clear view of the facets and extent of the industry.

116e and 118b-c for Hicesius, 120e for Diphilus, 121d for Mnesitheus. 355a-358c. For Mnesitheus, see also Bertier 1972, 30, 178-9, 190-1, 194-205. Sources for Production and Trade of Greek and Roman Processed Fish Robert I. 1 Focus on Black Sea products seems quite appropriate for two reasons. 2 And second, the earliest modern study devoted to the ancient processed fish industry (Köhler 1832) focused on its manifestation along the coastal areas of the Black Sea. I wish to look in some detail at the sources available for studying the production and trade in processed fish products, not only in the Black Sea area but also throughout the Greco-Roman world.

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