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Cindy Jenson-Elliott's Ancient Chinese Dynasties PDF

By Cindy Jenson-Elliott

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The people of the harsh northern steppes were pastoralists, animalherders who built a nomadic civilization. They traveled from place to place, carrying few possessions. Their lives revolved around their animals. Their herds of sheep and camels provided meat and milk, wool and leather, and fuel for fires. Unlike their southern neighbors, they did not have the time, space, or resources to develop literacy, or the types of art and music common in Confucian cultures. The differences between the northern and southern peoples did not entirely prevent a mixing of cultures.

Kublai Khan’s “First Beginning” From the very beginning of his rule, Kublai Khan looked to the Chinese for ways to build China into a strong power. In 1260 he moved his capital south to what is now Beijing to better oversee the region, and he began rebuilding the city that had been destroyed by his grandfather nearly forty years before. ” By 1279 Kublai Khan’s armies had finally overcome the last rebels from the previous dynasty. At last he could focus on ruling rather than fighting. But Kublai Khan recognized that the Mongols were inexperienced in running a bureaucracy and at living a sedentary, agricultural life.

Round pepper, ginger . . raw silk, saffron, clove-stalks and cloves, nutmegs, spike, cardamoms . . ”20 49 Muslims from central Asia were important to keeping trade flowing along the Silk Road. They imported such goods as jewels, carpets, spices, and even camels, and they carried away luxury items such as silk, porcelain, and lacquerware. Muslims served the Mongol court as architects, doctors, astronomers, and as artists, such as poets and musicians. They also served in a role repugnant to the Chinese populace: tax collectors.

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