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Analysing community work : its theory and practice - download pdf or read online

By Keith Popple

ISBN-10: 0335232566

ISBN-13: 9780335232567

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That was a strange thing, come to think of it. The hairs on the back of my neck had stood on end as an eerie feeling of invasion throbbed inside my head. Kate. Finally it comes to me. “Of course, Kate. Good idea,” Mr. Garret had said. We start heading into the scrub. At this rate, we won’t even get close enough to the nurse’s office to smell the antiseptic. “Hey,” I call. She stops a few paces in front of me and swings around. ” This whole scene is getting weirder by the second. I shrug a little, my bleeding arm bent at the elbow, the makeshift bandage stained red with blood.

It had never flooded before. ” She’s shaking her head sympathetically. I’m amazed at the ease with which I’ve been spilling my guts. I’ve never been so open with anyone about my family’s continual run of bad luck. But with Kate it’s just slipping out. No, more like pouring out. ” she asks. ” “And Dad’s precious family heritage book,” I explain. “He guards it with his life. It was the first thing he saved. He’s been working on it for more than twenty years. Traced the Thornton line right back to the Middle Ages, 1200s I think.

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