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New PDF release: An H. G. Wells Chronology

By J. R. Hammond (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0230390021

ISBN-13: 9780230390027

ISBN-10: 0312222343

ISBN-13: 9780312222345

ISBN-10: 0333714849

ISBN-13: 9780333714843

ISBN-10: 1349406163

ISBN-13: 9781349406166

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Leaves Henley House School at end of summer term and becomes full-time tutor for University Tutorial College (Until May 1893). July 5 (Sat) Asks his brother FJW to send him wild flowers (required for his botany teaching). October 24 (Fri) Sits examinations for London University degree of BSc. November 'The Lay of the Sausage Machine' in SS]. 7 (Fri) Sits further degree examinations. 21 Awarded BSc, with first-class honours in zoology and second class honours in geology. December 'Cricket' in HHM.

June 'A Story of the Days to Come' begins serialisation in Pall Mall Magazine (until October). ' 12-31 SW stays at Sandgate. 17 To Barnum's Circus with ACR and SW. September 'A Vision of Judgment' in Butterfly. 25 (Mon) Thanks AB for his praise of 'A Story of the Days to 1900 37 Come', adding that WSW is 'a big confused disintegrating thing'. November LL begins serialisation in the Weekly Times. December By the end of the year abandons the idea of publishing WMW as a separate book and incorporates much of the material in Kipps.

1 (Sat) Reviews Henry James' s Terminations in SR. 15 Reviews Conrad's Almayer's Folly in SR. 15 Agrees to write short story for Phil May's Winter Annual ('The Argonauts of the Air'). 27 'How Pingwill was Routed' in NB. 29 Death of T. H. Huxley. July 7 (Sun) Completes MS. of 'The Argonauts of the Air'. August 1 (Thurs) Visits his parents at Nyewoods. 15 'The Sad Story of a Dramatic Critic' in NB. 21 Cycles to Guildford on the first stage of the journey later described in WC. (Cf. ) September 5 (Thurs) Publication of WV.

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An H. G. Wells Chronology by J. R. Hammond (auth.)

by Steven

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