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Ada distilled: Introduction for experienced programmers - download pdf or read online

By Richard Riehle

ISBN-10: 1578700094

ISBN-13: 9781578700097

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The Ada compiler checks this dependency through compilation unit date and time stamps. The package body is an integral part of the library unit. The package body never needs to with the package specification because both are part of the same library unit. 2 Package Body Not every package needs a package body. In practice, only packages that declare public subprograms need a body. Now and then a package may require a body even if it does not export a subprogram. This would be the exception rather than the rule.

200) := (others => ' '); Len : Natural := 0; end record; end Messenger; -- 1 An Ada Module -- 2 A partial definition of message -- 3 Gives a null message -- 4 Make a message from a String -- 5 Get message from keyboard -- 6 Put Message to Screen -- 7 Set message to null message -- 8 The string portion of message -- 9 How many of characters -- 10 Begin private part of package -- 11 Full definition of message -- 12 Message content; initialized -- 13 Message size; initialized -- 14 End of message definition -- 15 End of the specification Public Part Private Notice there is no algorithmic code in a package specification.

All indices are reset -- 12 Every control structure requires terminator -- 13 Ends the scope of the loop including, I -- 14 Compiler requires a return statement -- 15 Scope terminator for the function. Required. 2 Function Examples The next program is an example of an Ada function. This function simply evaluates the greater of two values in a parameter list and returns it. Every function must have at least one return statement. 3 6 Another return; would a single return be better? 7 Every if must have a corresponding end if.

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