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Get Abilene History in Plain Sight PDF

By Jay Moore

ISBN-10: 0891127003

ISBN-13: 9780891127000

Abilene heritage in undeniable Sight is a consultant to the folks, locations, and occasions that outline Abilene. It offers the excessive vantage aspect from that you come to grasp the lives at the back of the names—Cooper highschool, Shotwell Stadium, and Maxwell golfing Course—and to fulfill people who are venerated by way of the naming of a park or road (such as Egbert Kirby, Nelson Wilson, Vera Minter, and Walker Ely). during this attractive ebook, the earlier is picked up, dusted off, and given a brand new shine. As you study the tale at the back of the church, university, or university that you just force previous, it is going to create a connection that serves to endear Abilene to you extra deeply.This is a publication that brings the relics of the previous out of the darkish and directly into the place of origin on your middle.

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Travelers approaching to the east of Abilene are said to have spotted a mirage of elm trees and lakes and thus dubbed the spot Elmdale—a crossroads community that is now part of Abilene. Another garden spot, originally known as Oak Lawn (some claim it was Old Lawn), was shortened to just Lawn when the community sprouted again in 1909 along the nearby Santa Fe Railroad. Gaps in the Callahan Divide—Buffalo, Cedar, and Lemons—are labeled such due to nomadic bison herds, allergy inducing trees, and a fellow whose last name was Lemons.

Signed, Chief J. J. Clinton It seems that town marshal, fire chief, and, later, chief of police John Clinton often issued edicts and used newsprint to remind town folk of Abilene city ordinances which they were to abide by and which he was compelled to enforce. Prior to planting his life in Abilene, Clinton had been an Indian scout, cowpuncher, a deputy on duty in Dodge City, and a Civil War Confederate. He arrived in Taylor County in the fall of 1884 as a wrangler on a cattle drive passing through when he decided to put down roots and was taken on as an Abilene deputy.

Both church buildings were marketed for sale and whichever sold first would then move in with the other congregation. Central found a buyer for its Grape Street property and so they made the move a few blocks east to join First Presbyterian. Founder William Adolphus Minter died in 1908. What was described as the longest funeral procession in Abilene ended with Will Minter’s Christmas Eve funeral held in the church he established. Descendants of the Minter family remain members of the First Central Presbyterian congregation more than 130 years later.

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