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A Year With Symfony - download pdf or read online

By Matthias Noback


I've written A yr With Symfony for you, a developer who will paintings with Symfony2 for greater than a month (and most likely greater than a year). you will have began examining your approach in the course of the legit documentation ("The Book"), the cookbook, a few blogs, or a web instructional. you recognize now easy methods to create a Symfony2 program, with routing, controllers, entities or files, Twig templates and perhaps a few unit exams. yet after those easy steps, a few issues will increase about...

- The reusability of your code - How when you constitution your code to make it reusable in a destiny undertaking? or perhaps within the similar venture, yet with a unique view or in a console command?

- the standard of the interior API you have got knowingly or unknowingly created - What are you able to do to make sure that your workforce contributors will comprehend your code, and should use it within the method it was once intended for use? how are you going to make your code versatile adequate for use in events such as the only you wrote it for?

- the extent of protection of your program - Symfony2 and Doctrine appear to immediately make you invulnerable for famous assaults in your internet program, like XSS, CSRF and SQL injection assaults. yet are you able to thoroughly depend upon the framework? And what steps for those who take to mend the various final issues?

- the internal workings of Symfony2 - if you take one step farther from developing simply controllers and perspectives, you'll soon want to know extra concerning the HttpKernel that's the guts of a Symfony2 program. How does it be aware of what controller may be used, and which template? and the way are you able to override any choice that's made whereas dealing with a request?

To get a greater inspiration concerning the e-book, seriously look into the desk of contents below), or obtain a pattern of the e-book above.

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Matthias Noback @matthiasnoback

My identify is Matthias Noback. i'm a Hypertext Preprocessor, Symfony2, item orientated programming, test-driven improvement enthousiast, dwelling in Zeist with my female friend and son, who's jealous of me seeing that i'll examine a display all day.

In earlier years I've labored as software program developer with a unique recognition to inner caliber coverage. Now I'm a contract developer, advisor and writer.

I frequently submit approximately a number of the extra complicated Symfony2-related themes on my weblog

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My objection to factory classes with static factory methods is that static code is global code and that executing that code may have side effects that can not be isolated (for instance in a test scenario). Besides, any dependency of such a static factory method has to be by definition static itself, which is also really bad for isolation and prevents you from replacing (part of) the creation logic by your own code. Factory objects (or factory services) are slightly better. However, the need for them very likely points to some kind of design problem.

Therefore, you may decide to dedicate a special method for adding a renderer: class ObjectRenderer { private $renderers; public function __construct() { $this->renderers = array(); } public function addRenderer($name, RendererInterface $renderer) { $this->renderers[$name] = $renderer; } } Of course, when the name is irrelevant, leave out the $name parameter. What matters is: whenever anybody calls the addRenderer method and provides an object which is not an implementation of RendererInterface, he will not succeed, because of the type-hint mismatch.

A tag consists of the name of the tag and an array of attributes. response"> Aliases Before talking about what you can do with all this knowledge, there is one last thing you’ll need: creating aliases for services: $container->setAlias('some_alias', 'some_service_id'); Now whenever you request the service some_alias, you will in fact get the service some_service_id. 6 The Configuration class Before we continue, I need to explain a few things about the Configuration class. You may have noticed it earlier, and maybe you have even created one yourself.

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