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Get A New Paradigm of the African State: Fundi wa Afrika PDF

By Mueni wa Muiu, Guy Martin

ISBN-10: 0230607802

ISBN-13: 9780230607804

This publication takes a multidisciplinary and long term old standpoint to review the evolution of African political platforms and associations. It ranges from Antiquity (Egypt, Kush, and Axum) to the current, with a specific concentrate on the destruction of those political structures and associations via successive exogenous tactics, together with the Atlantic slave alternate, imperialism, colonialism, and neo-colonialism or globalization.

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Carthage exploited the Libyans through labor, resource extraction, and taxation. Carthage encouraged the emergence of a Libyan leadership inclined to please and to cooperate with it. ”11 Carthage traded in foodstuffs, textiles, metals, and slaves. From Libya it obtained gold, silver, and tin iron, from which it made weapons. It also traded with Morocco. One of its rulers, Hano, was responsible for building settlements along the Moroccan coast. The constitution of Carthage was one of the most elaborate in antiquity.

As in other parts of Africa, the queen mother played a crucial role in the political system. As “Mistress of Kush,” she sometimes adopted the wife of her son to ensure new blood into the kingship. On some occasions, kings honored their sisters. For example, Anlamani’s inscription says that he dedicated each of his four sisters to one of the four temples of Amun to be sistrum players and to pray for him before this god. In religious matters, the queen was only second to the king. Queens could also act as co-regents when they assumed power after the death of their husbands.

Its power extended as far north as Lebanon during the sixty-seven-year reign of Rameses II. After the death of Rameses’ successor, the power and influence of Egypt again waned. 4 The first pharaoh (dynasty) ruled in 3000 BCE after Neolithic peasants had settled as agriculturalists. By the Fourth Dynasty, Egypt was a centralized monarchy. It relied on the Nile for agriculture and developed dyke construction to prevent floods. The population increased as a result of bountiful food production. All foreign trade, mining, and quarrying—as well as production and distribution—activities were controlled by the state.

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