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Download e-book for kindle: A History of Disease in Ancient Times: More Lethal than War by Philip Norrie

By Philip Norrie

ISBN-10: 3319289365

ISBN-13: 9783319289366

ISBN-10: 3319289373

ISBN-13: 9783319289373

This booklet exhibits how bubonic plague and smallpox helped finish the Hittite Empire, the Bronze Age within the close to East and later the Carthaginian Empire. The e-book will research all of the attainable infectious illnesses found in precedent days and exhibit that existence was once a regular fight for survival both averting or battling opposed to those infectious disorder epidemics. The ebook will argue that infectious disorder epidemics are a severe hyperlink within the chain of causation for the dying of so much civilizations within the historic global and that old historians may still not forget about them, as is at the moment the case.

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1258 BCE. The “Treaty of Kadesh” is the oldest written surviving peace treaty in the world and a copy of it hangs in the United Nations Assembly Building in New York, USA. Hattusili’s son Tudhaliya IV was the last strong Hittite king. He kept the Assyrians out of Syria and even temporarily annexed the island of Cyprus for his empire, but unfortunately he could not prevent the Hittite Empire’s final demise. The last Hittite king Suppiluliuma II came to the throne in 1207 BCE. He won a naval battle against the “Sea Peoples” off the coast of Cyprus, but this was a late gesture of defiance as the “Sea Peoples” continued to conquer the Near East lands, cutting off the Hittite trade routes and isolating the Hittite Kingdom, which eventually ended in the early twelfth century BCE.

Thou shalt prepare him remedies to open it by means of medicines. (Ebers Papyrus 39, translated by Ebbell, 1937). 1520 BCE: one of the incantations is against “the Canaanite illness”: Who is knowledgeable like Ra?  – When the body is blackened with black spots – to arrest the God who is above. Just as Seth had banned the Mediterranean Sea, Seth will ban you likewise. O Canaanite illness! You shall not intend to pass through the limbs of X, born of Y. 28 HOW DISEASE AFFECTED THE HISTORY OF THE EGYPTIAN EMPIRE 33 These quotes from the papyri mention “bubo …the disease has hit” and “…the body is blackened with black spots…” Both these descriptions are consistent with infection by bubonic plague.

The Hittite Empire ended around 1200 BCE and was part of the catastrophe that was the end of the Bronze Age, which lasted from approximately 1200 BCE until 1150 BCE. The current consensus theory for the fall of the Hittite Empire was a combination of three main things: first famine; second rivalry between King Suppiluliuma II, the last Hittite king who came to the throne in 1205 BCE, and a relative leading to civil war; and third a general weakening of the central control of the empire so that distant vassal states began to revolt leading to final invasion by outsiders such as the Kaska people.

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A History of Disease in Ancient Times: More Lethal than War by Philip Norrie

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