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New PDF release: A Dictionary of Tocharian B

By Douglas Q. Adams

ISBN-10: 9401209367

ISBN-13: 9789401209366

The second one variation of A Dictionary of Tocharian B comprises considerably all Tocharian B phrases present in usually released texts, in addition to all these of the London and Paris collections released digitally (digital book of the Paris assortment remains to be incomplete), and a considerable variety of the Berlin assortment released digitally. The variety of entries is greater than twenty consistent with cent more than within the first version. the general strategy is decidedly philological. All phrases other than right names are supplied with instance contexts. every one note is given in all its a variety of attested morphological kinds, in its version spellings, and mentioned semantically, syntactically (where appropriate), and etymologically. New to the second one version is the project, the place attainable, of the examples of the word’s use to their certain chronological interval (Archaic, Early, Classical, Late/Colloquial). This courting presents the start of the examine of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a historic foundation. integrated also are a opposite English-Tocharian B index and, one other innovation to this version, a common index verborum of Indo-European cognates.

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Peyrot, 2008:119]). v. , become a monk] continually finds pleasure in indolence’ (12b5C), alƗsäۨññe = B(H)S Ɨlasya- (Y-3b3C/L); —alƗৢñeৢৢe* ‘prtng to sloth’: PK-NS-242b2? (Broomhead). ŶLike its TchA equivalent ƗlƗsune, B alƗsäññe reflects an abstract derived from an unattested adjective *Ɨlas(e), itself a borrowing from B(H)S Ɨlasa-. ŹSee next entry? ’ G-Qa5Col. ŹSee previous entry? ) ‘be sick, ail, ill’ Ps. IXa /ƗlƗғ sk’ä/e-/ [A -, -, alƗৢৢäূ//-, -, alƗskeূ; m-Part. alƗskemane]: /// [a]lƗ‫܈܈‬äۨ alyaik kekmo‫ ܈‬ñyƗtsene /// ‘…is sick; others [have] come into danger’ (31b8=32b2C), [a]lƗs[k]eۨ emparkre ‘they are sick for a long time’ (PK-NS263b6C [CEToM]), sark alƗskemane ‘± being sick [in] the back’ [= B(H)S -prֈ‫ܒ܈‬ha- in a list of ailments] (Y-2a4Col); Ko.

V. Ɨrwer. ) ‘bat’ [arĞakärĞa, -, -//] arĞakärĞa = B(H)S ma۬‫ڲ‬ilya- [in the calendrical cycle] (549a6C). ŶEtymology uncertain. , thus ‘mousestealer’ or the like. A bat is not a bird of prey and the semantics seem very unlikely. ’ The Tocharian word then would have been ‘swift-leaper’ or the like. arĞe, Źsee ƗrĞe. ) ‘(poisonous) snake’ [arৢƗklo, arৢƗklantse, arৢƗklai//arৢƗklañ* ~ arৢƗklaূC, arৢƗklaূts, arৢƗklaূ] matre-ws=ar‫܈‬Ɨk]l[o] ‘a snake with sharp poison’ (43a6C), [ar‫܈‬Ɨ]klo auk catä tsƗkaۨ ‘[if] a snake, adder, or viper bites’ (503a2C/L), ///nmeۨ ar‫܈‬Ɨklaۨ lnaskeۨ /// ‘snakes are coming out from …’ (IT-199b2C [Peyrot, 2008:79]); —arৢƗklatstse* ‘± snake- infested’: ar‫܈‬Ɨklacce Ɨlmene ‘in the snake-infested spring’ (152b2C).

Aryamaitreyeূ] (552b3E). ŶIf from B(H)S *arya-maitreya- (compound not in M-W or Edgerton). 1Col [Pinault, 1998:364]). ) ‘ready’ (of horses, ‘saddled’) [m: arwƗre, -, -//-, -, arwƗreূ] ///tsa mäst ƗrwƗre • (THT-3597a6A), 26 laute ka kalloy sƗw we‫܈‬yetsai kotaiĞc om katoytr arwƗre : Ğuwoy ‘she [scil. a preta] only wanted the opportunity to find a sewer, then she might spread herself ready and eat’ (42b5C), a[r]wƗreۨ krentäۨ yakweۨmpa ‘with good, saddled horses’ (409b1C). v. Ɨrwer. ) ‘bat’ [arĞakärĞa, -, -//] arĞakärĞa = B(H)S ma۬‫ڲ‬ilya- [in the calendrical cycle] (549a6C).

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