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By Christopher Harper-Bill, Elisabeth van Houts

ISBN-10: 0851156738

ISBN-13: 9780851156736

В книге представлен ряд статей известных специалистов по данной теме, дающих краткий обзор современных сведений по истории англо-норманнского мира, с акцентом на вопросах политики и культуры:месту норманнских королевств и герцогств в культуре Северной Европы, и параллельно норманнским достижениям в Средиземноморье, церковной архитектуре, литературе и языку, проблемам администрации и управления.
Даны также хронологические и генеалогические таблицы англо-саксонских и норманнских правителей.Образцы сканов: Содержание:

List of Illustrations vii
Abbreviations viii
1. Europe xii
2. Normandy xiii
3. Britain xiv
4. Southern Italy xv
5. Antioch xvi
Preface xxvii
1 England within the 11th Century 1
Ann Williams
2 Normandy 911–1144 19
Cassandra Potts
3 England, Normandy and Scandinavia 43
Lesley Abrams
4 Angevin Normandy 63
Daniel Power
5 The Normans within the Mediterranean 87
Matthew Bennett
6 Historical Writing 103
Elisabeth van Houts
7 Feudalism and Lordship 123
Marjorie Chibnall
8 Administration and Government 135
Emma Mason
9 The Anglo-Norman Church 165
Christopher Harper-Bill
10 Language and Literature 191
Ian Short
11 Ecclesiastical structure c. 1050 to c. 1200 215
Richard Plant
Further examining 255
1. Anglo-Saxon kings 871–1066 266
2. Anglo-Saxon kings and descendants 1016–1189 267
3. Kings of britain and dukes of Normandy 1066–1216 268
4. Counts of Rouen and dukes of Normandy c. 911–996 269
5. Dukes of Normandy 943–1087 270
6. The Hauteville dynasty and the Norman rulers of southern Italy and 271
Time Lines
1. Kings in north-west Europe and dukes of Normandy 272
2. Popes, emperors of Byzantium and Norman rulers in southern Italy 273

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Example text

Musset, Paris 1982, 55–74. 21 C. Potts, ‘When the Saints Go Marching: Religious Connections and the Political Culture of Early Normandy’, in Anglo-Norman Political Culture and the Twelfth-Century Renaissance, ed. C. Warren Hollister, Woodbridge 1997, 17–31. For an alternative interpretation of the hagiographical evidence, see F. Lifshitz, ‘The Migration of Neustrian Relics in the Viking Age: the Myth of Voluntary Exodus, the Reality of Coercion and Theft’, Early Medieval Europe iv, 1995, 175–192.

Normandy, 911–1144 21 and his followers was simply a concession to reality: Northmen had already overrun the Seine River region north-west of Paris, and Charles was not in a position to stop them. 8 These alliances between Christians and Vikings, however, rarely ended well. A Viking leader known as Godefrid, for example, settled near the mouth of the Scheldt River in the late 800s with his warband. 9 In addition to the province, Godefrid received baptism and the emperor’s daughter Gisla as his bride, an arrangement which clearly set the blueprint for Dudo’s later description of the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte.

80 Gruffudd and Ælfgar launched an attack on Herefordshire. 81 Ralph met the 73 ASC ‘C’, ‘D’, 1052. The butsecarles (‘boatmen’) discharged the obligation to provide ships and crews for the royal fleet, laid on some of the south-eastern sea-ports. 74 We are not told the size of Godwine’s fleet but Harold brought nine ships from Ireland. 75 ASC ‘E’, 1052. S. H. , Medieval Outlaws: Ten Tales in Modern English, Stroud 1998, 3–4. Swein predeceased his father, see note 69 above. Siward’s elder son Osbearn was killed in 1054 and the younger, Waltheof, cannot have been above thirteen, for he was the child of Siward’s second wife Ælfgifu, whom he married in 1041 (ASC, 1041; Symeon, HR, 1072).

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