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New PDF release: A Companion to Greek Religion (Blackwell Companions to the

By Daniel Ogden

ISBN-10: 0470997346

ISBN-13: 9780470997345

This significant addition to Blackwell’s partners to the traditional international sequence covers all elements of faith within the historical Greek global from the archaic, in the course of the classical and into the Hellenistic period.

Written by way of a panel of foreign experts.
Focuses on spiritual existence because it was once skilled by means of Greek women and men at diverse occasions and in several places.
Features significant sections on neighborhood spiritual platforms, sacred areas and formality, and the divine.

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Given such difficulties, scholars typically have approached the subject of ‘‘Greek religion and the ancient Near East’’ in one of three overlapping ways, each of which depends on the scholar’s definition of religion and view concerning the general comparability of religious traditions. The first approach examines the subject by remaining attentive to the particular times, places, and cultural contexts of each religion under investigation. It aims to identify cases in which specific religious practices and beliefs are adopted, adapted, and transformed when cultures come into contact (Brown 1995, 2000, 2001; Dotan 2003; Faraone 1993, 1995, 2002; Frankfurter 1998; Noegel 1998, 2004; Toorn 1985, 1997).

Marinatos 1993; Redford 1992:242–3). ’’ Today, however, scholars see the Minoan religious system as far more complex, resembling the sophisticated cults of the Near East (Marinatos 1993).

The cities of Athens, Sparta, and Alexandria are chosen for their general importance and for the manifest and extreme differences in their social organization and development. Arcadia is chosen for a fourth study as a religious environment functioning outside the framework of the polis. Susan Deacy (Chapter 14) takes on the difficult task of analyzing Athens, and asks how the Athenians balanced the notion that they managed a stable religious system with constant innovation. As a massive city by classical Greek standards, Athens had a massive pantheon of its own to match, consisting of the familiar Olympians, personified abstractions, and heroes and heroines.

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