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100 Mistakes that Changed History: Backfires and Blunders by Berkley Trade PDF

By Berkley Trade

Accumulated in a single quantity, listed below are backfires and mistakes that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and adjusted the process the area. From the Maginot Line to the Cuban Missile challenge, historical past is stuffed with undesirable strikes and not-so-bright principles that snowballed into failures and accidental outcomes. This engrossing booklet appears at 100 such tipping issues. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The Caliphs of Baghdad spend themselves into chapter 11. The Aztecs greet the Conquistadors with open fingers. Mexico invitations the americans to Texas-and the american citizens by no means go away. And the remaining is history...

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In 60 BCE, three men agreed to share control of Rome. These were Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar. While theoretically equals, each strove to be the first among equals. Crassus was very rich. Yes, the old phrase “rich as Crassus” refers to him. Crassus had also proven himself a competent general by defeating Spartacus and his slave rebellion. Pompey also was a proven general, having won a number of victories in the name of Rome. The younger Julius Caesar had the greatest need to prove himself and the most to gain.

He also studied academics as well as philosophy and ethics. Philip provided only the best for Alexander. He even supplied the greatest philosopher of the day, Aristotle, to tutor him. Alexander relished all that Aristotle taught him. ” He also learned to love well. In his youth, Alexander befriended a young man named Hephaestion, whom many believed was also his lover. For the rugged King Philip, the idea of having an effeminate son as an heir was an embarrassment. ” Although Alexander later became involved with several women and eventually married, he still remained close friends with Hephaestion for most of his life.

The vast empire that he created fell apart because he was unwilling to pass on the gauntlet. Philip II of Macedonia had his hands full when his wife Olympias gave birth to a son in 356 BCE. ” Most mothers believe their firstborn sons will rise to greatness, but 41 Olympias believed her son was the son of a god. Philip himself doubted the child’s lineage when he supposedly spied his wife in the embrace of a serpent, a creature of which Zeus often took the form. Philip had to be sure. He sent an emissary to the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi.

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100 Mistakes that Changed History: Backfires and Blunders That Collapsed Empires, Crashed Economies, and Altered the Course of Our World by Berkley Trade

by William

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